20 Things To Do When You’re 20

Hi everyone! How is your day? I hope you’re having a great day! ♥♥
I’m really in the mood for writing. Today I’m going to share 20 things to do when you’re 20. Without further do let’s jump on the list :

1. Trying new things
lately, I loved to learn Korean language and I’m planning to learn piano
2. Travel somewhere by yourself
I’m planning to travel by myself this last year. I hope it goes well.
3. Take a road trip
4. Treat yourself something nice
5. Stay up all night in a big city
6. Goal planning
7. Make a list what you’re grateful for.
8. Take up photography
9. Meditate
10. Wake up early and watch the sunrise
11. Go to waterfall that you’ve never been to
12. Learn how to yoga
13. Go snorkeling
14. Learn to live a simple life
15. Take a dance class
16. Run Marathon
17. Eat Healthily
18. Have real friends
19. Learn to be alone
20, Be comfortable with yourself.

so, there are 20 things to do when you’re 20 by me.

what would you guys achieve when you’re 20 ?

–  Ay♥♥♥


Things To Do When You’re Bored

Hey, world! I was kind of late, but I hope you have a happy new year! Can’t believe time flies so fast! I’ll turn 20 this year 😂😂😂

My semester break started a week ago. I’ve been dying of boredom for a week. Sometimes, I felt confused about myself because when I have a lecture I was wondering when I have a long holiday, but when I have a long holiday I don’t really know what I want to do. All I do from day to day are sleeping, watching a movie, eating, and repeat. I’m trying to think of things to do over winter break and here’s the list :

1. Make a list of 2018
I want to make a list something that I want to do in 2018. Create a plan for this year. Make a list what goals that I want to achieve this year. I know that sometimes plan that I make doesn’t always work like what I expected, but this one really helps to make my life better.

2. Exercise
I already have a plan to go to the gym like 6 months ago. I need to lose my weight. I’m a type of person that can not focus when I’m studying. Besides that, I did not have a time for exercise. I gained 3 kilos.

3. Try new things
Recently, I want to learn the Korean language. There’s a lot of things that I want to learn such as piano, cooking, etc. Try new thing can be a time killer.

4. Meet up with old friends
Just meet up with old friends and share a story about college, remind the past must be so fun. Go to cinema or karaoke for having fun.

5. Clean a room
Personally, I like to see my room clean. So, every time I have a free time I ‘d love to clean my room.

6. visit a new place
Visit a new place that you’ve never been in there must be so fun. Don’t need to go overseas. Just visit new cafe or place that you’ve never been there.


That’s all for today post. See you another post !!💕💕💕

Top 10 K-Dramas 2017

Hello, Everyone! Today I’m going to share My Top 10 K-dramas 2017.
I’ve been watching K-Dramas for years because my cousin always comes to my house and force me to watch K-drama. I preferred a western series at that time (Teen Wolf, The Flash, IZombie, Pretty Little Liars, etc.) But as long as I watch K-dramas, I think I’m being addicted to K-dramas now(I do not suggest it).
Before I jump into My List, I currently watch Hospital Ship, Andante, While You Were Sleeping. Anyway, let’s get into my top 10 k-dramas 2017.

1. Introvert Boss
2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
3. Tomorrow with you
4. Bridge the water God
5. The Liar and His Lover
6. Suspicious Partner
7. My Secret Romance
8. Missing Nine
9. Fight For My Way
10. School 2017

So, Here’s for today post. I hope you’re enjoying My Top 10 K-dramas 2017 and I’ll see you on my next post!
Have a good day!💕💕💕

19 Things To Do Before 20

I’ll turn twenty in a few months. I have a lot of thought about it. Half of myself is so excited and half of it is scared that I’m getting old. Turning twenty means that I already need to think about my future. I’m no longer a teenager.
So, there are nineteen things that I want to do before 20 :

1. Try a New Sport
2. Get a licence
3. Film and Edit Video
4. Have friends photo shoot
5. Be Ambitious
6. Make new friends
7. Redecorate my room
8. Start a YouTube Channel
9. Control Emotion
10. Learn a new language
11. Go to a concert (Big Concert)
12. Go on girls holiday
13. Take a class
14. No negative self-talk
15. Start saving account
16. Forgive myself
17. Go camping
18. Start a collection
19. Express gratitude more often

So, there are my nineteen things that I want to do before I’ll turn twenty years old. Wish me luck!!
That’s all for today post! I hope you’re having a good day!
I’ll see you on my next post! 💕💕💕

Get Ready With Me

Hello, guys! How’s your day? I hope you’re having an awesome Monday!

Today I’m going to share my simple “Get Ready With Me – School Edition). Normally, I like to wear a natural make up as long as it makes my face looks fresh. I’m not a makeup expert so don’t expect me to be a beauty guru.

Without further do. Let’s jump into the details:

1. Garnier Facial Foam
I started to wash my face using Garnier Facial Foam before I put on a makeup.


2. Moisturizer cream
This one is my favorite moisturizer by Wardah. Since I have a dry skin, I need to wear a moisturizer. So far, this moisturizer fit to my skin.


3. Foundation
My current go-to foundation is The Makeover 03 (Nude Silk). This foundation is light to my skin. It stays through sweat and heat well.


4. Face Powder
To set my face the powder I am going to use is the La Tulipe face Powder with my Brush as it is quick and easy to apply


5. Blush
For blush, I am going to use sugar ball cushion by Aritaum with my Coc brush.


6. Mascara
For my lashes, I’m going to use the Maybelline the Hypercurl.


7. Lip
To finish off my make up I’m going to apply baby lip. I’ve been using this baby lips for a long time.


I think that’s all for today!

I hope you’re enjoying and I’ll see you on my next post!


October Bullet Journal

Hello October!

It’s first day on October, that means it’s time for make another bullet journal.  I’m so excited to share you my October Bullet Journal.

If you already read my September Bullet Journal, you can see that some of my goal on that month can’t be achieved. So, This month I need to maintaining my habit tracker and achieve my goals.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

On first page, as always I started it with the name of the month. I was planed to make a Halloween  theme but it’s so hard and I ended up only make a small pumpkin on the bottom.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

On second page, I decided to make a to do list, goals, notes, event and blog idea.

2017-10-01 10.23.23 2.jpg

On third page, I have a monthly log. I’m trying to make a different monthly log layout. I think this one more simple. I also add a small calendar on the bottom.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

On fourth page. I have a my habit tracker and mood tracker. I want to maintaining my sleep habit, study, exercise,and etc.


On fifth page, I have a daily log. I’m not sure what is it called but I will write my daily to do in there.


I think that’s all for today. I hope you’re having a good weekend.

See you on another post 💕💕💕

Mini Haul

Hello, guys. I’m back with another haul. Yesterday, I decided to have a little bit refresh my mind and going to shopping because I just finished my second exam.
I was bought a few things yesterday and I decided to make a mini haul blog post. Here what I’ve bought :
1. Striped blouse

This one is my favourite. I’ve been looking for a striped blouse for a long time. Finally, I got one. The love the way they add some bird or goose on there. (I have no idea is it a bird or goose) Lol.

2. Pink Blouse

This one just a simple plain blouse. The fabric is quite thick. Not a big fan of this blouse but it’s okay.
3. Pink Blouse

Another pink blouse. This one is quite cute. I like the pattern in the front and on the sleeve.
4. Stripped blue blouse

Another tripped blouse. I have no idea why I bought it. I literally fell in love with this one. This one got me confused at first. Then I try to wrap around my belly and here you are. The sleeve makes it looks cuter.
5. Basic cardigan

This one just a basic cardigan with grey colour. I’m a type of person who loves to cover my tee with a cardigan.
6. Flat shoes

I got this from American eagle. This one just a plain brown flat shoes with a simple bow. Personally, I’m not a big fan of flat shoes but this one for an exception.
7. Sleep shoes

I don’t know exactly what is it call, but this one looks cute with simple shoes with plain dark blue colour. My bad this one does not fit to my foot. *I forget to try it before buy it* Lol
8. Contact lens

Literally not my fav because it makes my eyes bigger.
9. Stationary


  • Penciltic from zebra
  • twin head
  • Finecolor
  • Drawing pen
  • Spidol from faber castell
  • Stabilo boss
  • loose leaf

10. Micellar cleansing water by Garnier + cute pompom

IMG_0251  I was dropped the cleanser before the picture was taken. I feel bad because there’s a foam in there.


So, That’s all for today post. I hope you’re having a good day.

see you on my next post! bye 💕💕💕