July Wishlist 2017 // Minimal Edition

Hello, beautiful people! I hope you guys having a great week. A new month calls for a new wishlist, here is what I’m coveting for July:


New Bedroom
I was planning this for a long time. Finally, I got a chance to move but still in the same house. My parent’s house. I wish my new room will be finish at the end of July. I need to change the wall colour because I want to make my room looks like a Tumblr. Besides that, I’m still busy with my college and organisation that I joined right now.


I’ve been struggling this semester because I’ve a lot of reports, exam, practice, and organisation. I can’t even leave it for a moment. Typical worried person. Besides that, I’m not a person that going mall or restaurant by myself. I prefer to buy something online or order food instead of going to a restaurant.
I’m a typical person that so loves with nature. I prefer to go mountain or beach than going in the crowded.
My second semester will end on 25th July, Me and my friends already planning to go to the beach, spending a few days without worrying anything. Just having fun.


New Camera
I think vacation without bringing a camera feel something less. Even though capture nature with eyes more precious but I think I still need for some memories.
Lately, I interested with the mirrorless camera. At the same time, my dad just asks me like “what do you want?”, Then I just said that “I want a new camera, can I get that?”. and Bla Bla Bla. Then he’ll think about my wish. Although I already saving my money for a new camera, I still hope that he’ll buy it for me. Lol


Good Grade
This semester I’m trying so hard to raise my GPA because I’m not satisfied with my last GPA. I just spend my Friday night with marathon movie. I wish I get a good grade this semester and the next semesters. It’s a simple thing that makes me happy. Besides that, I can make me and my parents proud of myself.


What are you coveting this month?




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