Perfect Weekend

Hi, lovely people.

I hope you guys having a great weekend.

I’m starting this day with my favorite drink, of course, it’s coffee. Listen to some music to gather my mind that still in half sleep. Basically, I love spending my weekend at home. Order some food, watching a movie or find a new Idea for my blog would be perfect for me.

After I gather my mind, I decided to eat my breakfast. I think pancake with honey syrup will be good for starting this day. Besides that, it is simple and fits with this lazy day.



Going to the gym
I’m so busy on weekdays until I don’t have a time for exercise. So, on the weekend is a great time for exercise. I prefer to exercise in indoor than outdoor. That’s the reason why I’m going to gym.



After the exercise, it’s a relaxing time. I love spending my time watching Tv series. Currently, I watch pretty little liars. I know that this Tv series already finish. But, I’m still watching it in the season 5.


This is my simple way to spend my weekend. How yours?


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