Travel Essentials

Hello, guys.
How’s your day? I hope you have a great day.

I’m going to Karimun Jawa next month. I plan to stay for 3 days
in there. So, I decided to make a list what should I bring. Make a list will help a lot for me. For make sure that I already bring that thing. While I’m in there, of course, I plan to take a lot of photos, and I will share my adventure on my next blog post. *stay tuned*
So, here I’m gonna share my Travel Essentials :


– Camera
I plan to take a lot of pictures for my blog post, so a camera would be the most important for me. Besides that, I love to take a picture through the lens than a camera phone.
– Portable Charger
When I’m on the outside and need to charge my phone. The portable charger would help. Don’t need to worry about the batteries.
– Phone
This one should be the most important. I don’t need to bring a laptop because I can edit a picture easily, doing snap gram, replying a comment, check my blog. I can do it all on a phone. Besides that, bringing a laptop just makes my bag heavier.
– Headphone
I’m typical of a person that gets bored easily. Listen to music will helpful.


Makeup Bag

This one is really important. I don’t want to get a sunburn. The last time I got a sunburn my nose and my cheek getting red for 3-4 days. That was a horrible. I’m will bring sunblock with 30 SPF.

I don’t want to put a full makeup when I’m on vacation. Normally, I just bring a foundation, face powder, mascara, lipstick and lip balm.

Hand Sanitizer
This is so handy to bring. Don’t need to worry when I need to clear my hand. This is one of my travel essentials that may not everyone do.


The Obvious

Shampoo, Body wash, lotion, tooth brush
This one may be provided by the hotel, but I prefer to use my own product.

This one must be important. I loved to bring clothes that comfy and I usually bring a lot of clothes because it is better than lack of clothes.


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