Back To School Clothing Haul // Thrift Haul

Hello, guys. How’s your going? Let me know in the comment down below.
Today I’m going to do Back to School haul // Thrift haul. My second year will start next week. I have no idea why my first year feels so fast. Since my second year will start, I think I need new stuff but, when everybody buys new supplies school, I just buy new clothes. Let’s start my hauls :

1. Jumpers by love affairs
I always love at the first sight with jumpers. I definitely will buy cute jumpers. Besides that, it has a hoodie in the back. I love the crop tops model and the bottom it’s like they cut off.


2. Army jacket
This jacket is lovely. I love the material. I like the word “Army” on the right chest. I think it’s cool for taking pictures.


3. Navy Blouse
This one is a silky type blouse with a navy colour. I got this in a small size. This one is really cute. I love the sleeve. I’m so excited to wear this.


4. Denim Shirt
This one is so lovely. I love denim shirt plus this is a crop. I love the navy color. The fabric is quite thick. I love the words on the right chest.


5. Pink Sweater Dress
This one is so cute. It’s just a plain sweater dress. I love the baby pink colour and the long sleeve. I like the cut off on the bottom. I think it will be perfect with a nice legging.


6. Grey Cardigan
I got this on men clothes. Sometimes, you don’t need to worry wearing a men clothes. Because It’s not that bad. I was shocked when I try it on because of this is so soft and comfy. The price is so cheap and I got this in a small size, but it looks oversize on me.


7. Silky black shirt
I’ve been seeing this shirt on h&m or somewhere. Then I just found this when I was doing a thrift. It’s a fake version because the quality is not that best, but it’s quite good and the price so cheap. I love the model it looks like a pyjama. I love the sleeve, it can make a bow, but I’m so lazy to do it.


8. Grey blouse

This grey blouse with a zigzag pattern is just so cute. I was fall in love as soon as I saw it. Especially the choker collar and the V neck. I love the flare sleeve and it looks so gorgeous. I’m so excited.



So, this is all my haul. I hope you’re enjoying. See you on my next blog. bye.

Comment down below which one is your fave 💕💕💕



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