Mix and Match Outfits!

Hello, girls! Do you ever think that the clothes you are wearing are just that? If you think so, then I recommend you to try mix and match your clothes. Currently, I love to mix and match my clothes. So, I’m going to share you how I mix and match my clothes with 15 pieces […]

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New Gym Shoes

I was frequent going to the gym lately with my friends. But normally not that much. I only exercise once a month because, after I’m in the college I don’t have a free time for exercise. Yesterday, I was hanging out with my friends at the mall. Then, when I passed a shoe store, and […]

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13 Reason Why I’m Happy

Hello everyone! I hope you having a great weekend. So here I am gonna do “ Thirteen Reason Why I’m Happy Challenge”. This post has been inspired by the series (13 Reason Why). I definitely love this because this challenge makes me appreciate with all those little things that I have in my life. That’s […]

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Current fave song!

Hello everyone!! I’m sorry for not posting on here a couple weeks. I was on an exam test last week. I am a typical girl that get bored easily when I am study. Everytime I got bored when study, I always listen a music because I can recharge my mood for study. So before I […]

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Study Tips and Trick

I have been trying to get my new ways to study because college really different from school. I’m not only busy with the study but also organization. Basically, we got a text book for every class but when we are in a college we just got a guidebook. So, I am going to share my […]

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